Sunday, November 8, 2009


Four minutes, give or take, of transcendental triumph or trash. Take your pick.

This is where I pause and wish my wife many happy returns. Pounding on the keyboard while she sulks in the kitchen; not because I forgot her birthday - I didn't - but because it is Sunday and I am pounding on the keyboard.

There is precious little to say on this LP, save that Third Bardo also covered their "My Rainbow Life" and production is credited to Rusty Evans. Oh. And the sleevenotes, compiled by David Rubinson, make for some entertaining reading.

PSYCHEDELIC PSOUL: ROSE OF SMILING FACES from "Psychedelic Psoul" LP (Columbia) 1967 (US)



My vote is triumph, but what do I know?

ib said...

I am inclined to agree with you, NØ, but I don't know much either.

How you been ?

This gets my vote as the finest song on the entire LP. I gather that puts me firmly in the minority. Kind of reminds me a little of "Winds of Change"...