Thursday, February 12, 2015

after siberia

Like Chekhov's mouse
not Kafka's
goes out the bellow
raw and prolonged
To scream with pain, to roar, to marshal help
where no
help is forthcoming
Not from the balcony
but between the stalls


Anonymous No. 2 said...

Chekov's Mouse?

I know The Seagull,
Heard of The Bear,
but pray tell did he versify A Mouse as well?

ano 2

ib said...

"In Siberia not only bears roar, but sparrows and mice as well.

"The cat got it, and it's roaring," they say of the mouse."

- Across Siberia

Anonymous No. 2 said...

Thx - now I understand.

Btw: Kafka's mousy alter ego will never find help anywhere at all 'cause it does not want to seek for help and it doesn't want to help itself since it loves to revel in its 'oh there is now way out'- misery.

Nuff said, ano 2

ib said...


There is also a nod here to the Bukowski anthology "Screams From The Balcony", published by Black Sparrow Press.