Wednesday, February 11, 2015

a winning ticket

Let's assume I take a pencil
scratch the words "lottery winner"
on a blank piece of paper,
put it in a stamped envelope
with my name and address on it,
mail it to myself.
Will it solve anything ?
For once to go so easy on oneself ?



Although this is no doubt rhetorical...

I believe it would be thoroughly therapeutic.

The laughter as I opened the envelope & spied the words "loterry winner" would clarify so much that is & isn't relevant.

ib said...

Therapeutic, yes.

This one owes a debt to a short love poem by Carver. There is scant love lost, here. As much as two cats bound up in a sack for drowning.

thelotter review said...

Surely that would have a sort of relieving effect but the comprehension of true-to-life reality could be depressive.