Monday, February 9, 2015


Tap, tap, tap
the stickmen go
moving over the bric-a-brac of shattered
the gimcracks of a gimp wedding
tap, tap, tap
half erect on sticks as stickmen are
a caravan on stilts
a paucity of drumming
juggling obscenities
the delusion of good timing
snuffling suits as only stickmen will
tap, tap, tap
go the stickmen
dancing on one leg, the fats of narrowed 
knick-knacks from the boc 'he-goat'
stinking up their twills
tap, tap, tap
loitering with intent
those sick stickmen
should we ever sober up we shall snatch away
their crutches,
scatter them like matches where we err
tap, tap, tap
the stuff of bilge and bandages
rudderless, stammering,
the stickmen go.



As a less than adequate thank you for all the great poesy...
Tony Levin: Stick Men - Open (2012)!UJYERSoJ!syWjGUhkhm2hRD4SAvXrkDFBMGdKXV-BcuQOY9tiyiI

ib said...

First off, thanks for the Levin. I have not heard this solo stuff, but I'm something of a sucker for King Crimson.

Second, thanks for all the feedback. After a dearth of commentary mostly, arriving to find more than one was not unlike waking to open surprise boxes on Christmas morning. I don't know. I was beginning to think I would have to buckle down and tough it out, things have been so quiet lately.