Saturday, February 14, 2015

the beard

I decided to sport a beard.
The more it grew the less convinced
I grew. I asked my boy
for some advice.

Shaved, you look like Herman Goering.

Unkempt, a dirty old man.

Could be as close
to a poet as I might hope to get.



I'd keep the beard.

I've tried multiple times but can never make it past the 'driving-me-fucking-insane-itching' part, so I have a petit goatee that makes me look like a gone-to-seed Col. Sanders.

ib said...

The beard. A fucking conundrum.

The itching is a bitch, alright, I finally made it to the point where it zips seamlessly over itself like velcro. An improvement. Still, I am not a fan of Hemingway. Captain Birdseye.

Do you get Findus advertising in the States ?

The Old Man and The Sea. Unlike Buk, I am not a fan. Fighting fish with machines, or the stabbing of bulls.

Still. I might as well persevere having made it this far.

Eliot reminds me that I once told him as a small child that KFC gets its flavour after Sanders falling into a vat of recipe. He believed it.


Unaware of Findus.

Never really into the macho posturing of Papa H.

Eliot may be on to something with the KFC urban myth.