Monday, August 24, 2009

brian and dennis, wilson and wilson; sans charlie

'dirty doll". photograph from here.

From the second disc of Pavement's 2004 re-release of "Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain" - L.A's Desert Origins - featuring previously unreleased material which was subsequently rerecorded for their third album, "Wowee Zowee".

I met Steve Malkmus once on stage at a village hall in Belgium during Sonic Youth's "Dirty" tour. I did not like to inform him I generally considered "Slanted & Enchanted" a work of some genius. Modesty, and my woefully reserved Celtic temperament, absolutely forbade it. Besides. I was too busy looking up Kim Gordon's ass.

Sorry. Mrs. Thurston Moore's ass. The marital thang is still something of a novelty. I will get used to it. Fine asses always warrant serious reconsideration. Genuinely.

kim gordon by richard kern.

Possibly recorded at 'Louder Than You Think', Stockton, California, 1993.
Engineered by Mark Venezia.

PAVEMENT: PUEBLO (BEACH BOYS) from "Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain (L.A.'s Desert Origins)" 2 x CD (Matador) 1994/2004 (US)


Denier said...

Can literally never get enough Pavement, and this is one track I never heard. Their re-releases might be the best, most interesting material of any group.

ib said...

Well, yes. They were a superlative provider of the disjointed and fitfully disconnected. Like Beefheart meets the Monkees. Actually, The Ghosts were already ploughing a very similar furrow. I might have easily mentioned as much, but I was far too reticent and stoned.

Feeling in my trouser cuffs for amphetamines as we met the border guard.

You are not incorrect, Warden. Those deluxe Matador reissues set a fine template on how best to repackage a singular event.