Sunday, August 23, 2009

S&M ?

"shy boy in soyapango, el salvador". photograph by donna decesare.

Any allusion to a large UK supermarket chain's commandeering of this piece through its television advertising is lamentable. But sadly inescapable. I detest food pornography, and it is a fairly safe assumption that Carlos Santana does not need the bread, however finely baked or dressed.

I notice, too, that a large mobile network has just launched a campaign underpinned by the Box Tops' "Neon Rainbow". I hate that kind of shit. Jim Morrison was right to be churlish. Hand back the jaded junkie glamour it deserves.

Produced by Fred Catero and Carlos Santana.

SANTANA: SAMBA PA TI from "Abraxas" LP (Columbia) 1970 (US)


Denier said...

Let's not forget The Clash's London Calling being used to sell Jaguars, or Buzzcocks' What do I get? used for some other car commercial recently. Part of me was okay with it and part of me was outraged; okay because in that moment I was hearing songs I loved, outraged for such powerful songs being used out of context for such vainglorious ends. And of course 5 billion Chinese couldn't give a shit either way.

ib said...

Yes. On occasion a small part of me too is glad a song is put in front of a perhaps unfamiliar audience. More often it just pisses me off.

The worst offender I remember was afrom a couple of decades back, maybe, when a Pickle manufacturer - or was it mustard relish ? - bought the rights to Lou Reed's "Transformer" 45 release; "hey babe, take a walk on the MILD side...".