Sunday, August 16, 2009

it's a rainy day, sunshine girl

Well. I am a married man; it is a done deal, brothers and sisters. The well is flowing over.

Well and truly.

By morning last Friday, the rain began to fall. By noon it became clear this was no ordinary precipitation. Those raindrops were the size and colour of bright pennies, bouncing back up from the pavement to gath
er round the knees like a charm bracelet. Sluicing down under the collar and the back of one's neck.

In many cultures the presence of rain on a wedding day is considered an auspicious omen. The Italians, I hear, have a phrase for it: "Sposa bagnata, sposa fortunata" - a wet spouse is a lucky spouse - bride and groom anointed with good fortune. A token of fertility seemingly.

My God. We have three already. We might yet sire a football team.

Buddhists and Hindus, too - I am told - are united by this conviction.

All that rain could not dampen our spirit any. Although I would have welcomed the chance to stroll along sun dappled lanes rather than dash between taxi and registry office sheltered beneath a golfing umbrella. Still. Our Portuguese piper had earlier called the tune, stoically observing that pipers are much like the rain here in Scotland; guaranteed to grace the day. And so he did. Ceremoniously playing us out like a trooper through the do
wnpour; our guests braving the same as they showered us with confetti. Some of it in my face as harshly as a slap.

Thank you, Jose. And all those who joined us despite the awful traffic threading and choking the city centre. Like salmon fighting upstream we made it in the end.

14th August, 2009.
For my beautiful wife, Rosa.

TOM VERLAINE: RAIN, SIDEWALK from "Around" LP (Thrill Jockey) 2006 (US)
THE BLUE NILE: TINSELTOWN IN THE RAIN from "A Walk Across The Rooftops" LP (Linn) 1983 (UK)
BOB DYLAN: EARLY MORNIN' RAIN from "Self Portrait" LP (Columbia) 1970 (US)
FRED NEIL: LITTLE BIT OF RAIN from "Bleecker & MacDougal" LP (Elektra) 1965 (US)
LED ZEPPELIN: THE RAIN SONG from "Houses Of The Holy" LP (Atlantic) 1973 (UK)
DIRTY THREE: RAIN ON from "Cinder" LP (Touch And Go) 2005 (US)
FAUST: IT'S A RAINY DAY, SUNSHINE GIRL from "So Far" LP (Polydor) 1972 (Germany)
THE BEATLES: RAIN from "Paperback Writer b/w Rain" 45 (Parlophone) 1965 (UK)


Brushback said...

Hey, best wishes and good luck.

Your driver said...

Congratulations to Rosa and our brother Ib! May you enjoy happiness, health, prosperity and a football team of little siblingshots.

Ib, a real pleasure to see you through from hard times to this happy day.

Chris Marsden said...

Congratulations once again from Chris, Becky and the most well behaved baby i've ever experienced...little James.

We had a brill time in Glasgow and look forward to coming up there again! All the best, Ian and Rose, you are a beautiful couple.

P.S. the haggis was mega!!


ib said...

thank you allll!

every thing is beautiful

to the 16 odd guests and everyone else across the universe


from Mrs.Rosa Begg

ib said...


Thanks, dude. Much appreciated.


I thank you mightily, brother. For keeping the light burning and being a friend. I wish you could have been there in person, but you certainly were in spirit.


James is beautiful. It was a pleasure just having him there. And you and Becky. Fantastic. The haggis was rather brilliant, wasn't it ? I can still taste it now.

See you all soon. Guaranteed.

Ramone666 said...

Congrats Ib & Rosa! Rain - I don´t mind...

ib said...

Thank you, Ramone666. It's all good. What's good for the goose is good for the gander... Rain ? We are blessed with it.

Löst Jimmy said...

Warmest congratulations to you and Rosa!!!

All the best from the far north


ib said...

Thank, Löst Jimmy; your presence was felt. Warm blessings to you and yours, brother. Regards.

Big B said...

All the best from Texas, ib.
[nice Fred Neil selection]

ib said...

Big B ! Our warmest blessings back to you and the entire clan in Texas, brother... I am heartily glad you enjoyed the Fred Neil song. Rosa & Ian.

Mick said...

Congratulations to you both. When I logged on yesterday I listened to the Fred Neil track because he’s one of those people I always meant to check out (because of the JA connection) but never got round to. I was so engrossed that I didn’t read your post. I just logged on this morning to thank you and finally read your good news. So – belated but heartfelt best wishes from me.

P.S. when I got married the rain was almost horizontal (the delights of Dundee in April) and we’ve never looked back. Oh, and the Faust was great too,

Nazz Nomad said...

Mazel Tov and good luck.

Marriage is the only institution that I have been happily committed to.

Denier said...

All the best to both of you from this side of the Pond.

My word verification was GOOZOO, which I believe means Good Luck in Winnebago.

ib said...


Thanks. My sister and her partner actually came through from Dundee especially; I think the skies were a good deal more temperate on the east coast on Friday.

Glad you liked the Fred Neil, and Faust. Nice weather for dolphins, as they say.


Thanks, man. Superstition prevented me from being more forthcoming about the date and time. That and the fact I was busy doing a fairly accurate impersonation of a decapitated chicken.

Actually, being married fits a lot more comfortably than I might have ever guessed.


Cheers, dude.

Which Winnebago ? Ho-Chunk, I presume. If only trailer homes could speak... :)

sunnydustmote said...

Congratulations Ian & Rosa Begg - Thank you again for an amazing day - Loved it, through the tears and rain. xxx

Denier said...

Wow, you nailed it! Ho-Chunk, with a little of the Sioux vernacular thrown in for good measure. May the road rise with you...

ib said...

Thank you, sister. I had a great day too. ;)


May the road rise, and the sun with it. Cheers!

The Mud Hut said...

hey...congrats to you and your wife! best wishes!


ib said...

Thanks, MH. I will pass on your best to Rosa.

I see from your site we are on a waxing crescent, currently. I'd entirely forgotten to check how the moon stood on our wedding day, so this prompted me to check on it: the last quarter it was, apparently.


davyh said...

Balls, I'm late. Is there any cake left? Well done and much happiness both (all) of you x

ib said...

Cheers, Davy!

Actually, the sunflowers on your holiday post were quite appropriate; Rosa carrying the same as her bouquet...

Love back to you (and yours) from all of us. Hoping, too, you all had a fine holiday.

crb said...

congratulations ib, and a rain song to add to yr playlist.


ib said...

Thanks, Chad.

Footnote to the reply left up at your place:

There are some really provocative things going on in this song. I like it immensely.

Brendan said...

My sincere congrats. I would never have had such graceful words as yours under similar circumstances.

ib said...

Cheers, Brendan! As the saying and song goes, a little rain never hurt no one...