Wednesday, May 13, 2009

blood and soldering wire

jean cocteau: "le sang d'un poete", 1930.

Recorded and mixed at Record Plant, Saualito, CA, February 4th, 1976 - April 9th 1976. Minus the overdubs, and oddly slight without the grounding weight of bass.

FLEETWOOD MAC: DREAMS (DEMO) from "Rumours (Remastered + Expanded)" 2 x CD (Warner Bros.) 1977 / 2004 (UK / US)


Denier said...

Interesting take. Tempo seems much slower than the original. Those old Rumour songs hold up pretty well lo these many years later, considering how we couldn't escape them on the radio for a few years there in the late '70s!

ib said...

Indeed. "Rumours" was - none too briefly - inescapable between '77 and '80-something. On both FM radio and more house parties than I care to remember.

As much as I may have professed to detest that album at the time, I find myself unaccountably fond of it now; "Dreams" in particular. I remain undecided whether heavy rotation lies at fault or simple nostalgia.

Whichever, it is a nice song.

Brushback said...

As much as I may have professed to detest that album at the time"Go Your Own Way" rules. Always has. Lindsey Buckingham's a genius.

ib said...

Interesting, Brushback.

Genius ? My verdict's out, but I love the album. Oh, gosh. Yes.


After Peter Green...Fleet Fuckwood Mac.

ib said...

It has a certain ring to it, NØ ?