Monday, May 18, 2009

my painted tomb

"lucifer"; 1947.

"When the 35-year-old Pollock finished
Lucifer in 1947 he had to ask his wife, painter Lee Krasner, "Is this a painting?" Lucifer is a green, black and pearly discharge, a phosphorescent radioactive snapshot of what America looked, felt and sounded like in 1947."
- Jerry Saltz, The Tempest.
Interesting fact: initiated in Phoenix, Arizona, 1981 as the Sun City Girls, the trio of siblings Alan and Richard Bishop and percussionist, Charles Gocher teamed up with the Velvet Underground's Maureen Tucker before once again emerging in their more familiar concise form - a death's head moth of sinister infusion - in 1982. Here is a taste, straight off the ladle, of their first full album release.

It is official. Today, Monday, is Jackson Pollock Day.

SUN CITY GIRLS: MY PAINTED TOMB from "Sun City Girls" LP (Placebo Records) 1984 (US)

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