Tuesday, May 19, 2009

three fates, or two ?

lucifer descending: gustav doré's "paradise lost" engravings, 1866.

At•ro•pos |ˌatrəˈpɒs| Greek Mythology
one of the three Fates.

Greek, literally inflexible.’
acherontia atropos; the death's head moth.


Dennis Homes: vibes, guitar, vocals;
Jim Fraser: alto/soprano saxophone, oboe, alto/nose/concert flute;
Les Cook: guitar, bongos, violin, mandolin, vocals.

SYNANTHESIA: FATES from "Synanthesia" LP (RCA Victor) 1969 (UK)

THE INCREDIBLE STRING BAND: THE EYES OF FATE from "5000 Spirits Or The Layers Of The Onion" (Elektra) 1967 (UK)


Ramone666 said...

Nice track Ib. Is 5000 Spirits an album I should own? Please inform.

ib said...

Definitely an album to own, Ramone666; there is seriously not a weak track on it, and I think it is very possibly the String Band's finest. There certainly exists equally standout songs on other LPs, but on the whole they tend to be less consistent.

"5,000 Layers" is famous for being the album most informed by the band's legendary narcotic intake.