Thursday, May 28, 2009

if thy right eye offends thee...

illustration by ib.

Siblings. Your silence is deafening.

No commentary on any new post in the last ten days and counting.
Despite some healthy incoming traffic.

I am almost tempted to check that I haven't inadvertently disabled a function or two in the settings somewhere.

Indeed, were it not for those statistics helpfully thrown into focus via StatCounter and its ilk, I might have come to the conclusion that this blog had simply overran its 'best by date'. Have I been rude ? A good brother informed me that my posts had been somewhat terse of late, and certainly it's true that I have been investin
g less time and resources here - and elsewhere - than previously. Things are afoot. By the twitching of my thumbs. In fact, I ought to have declared an armistice of sorts - a defined period of truce - but I am impulsive by nature, and such a cease-fire could never last. Neither do I feel compelled to turn this activity into some kind of full-time job; replete with contractual obligation and negotiated absence in place of the true spirit of vacation.

Of course. I am tempted just to weather the storm. Stick my head above the parapet as my mood dictates, and simply feign indifference.

A far more noble resolution, perhaps.

As I opined once before, rather tactlessly, when Siblingshot On T
he Bleachers was a mere imperious suckling:

no f@cking comment.

There. I just spat the dummy all over again.


Löst Jimmy said...

I'm still here ib!

Reading as normal

In fact the whole place has gone quiet, my blog corner too

Löst Jimmy said...


There is plenty more juice in this blogspace so keep up the good work bro

ib said...

Greetings, Löst Jimmy! That was quick!

I'd noticed things seemed quieter than usual elsewhere too. It's vaguely pacifying to know it's not just me... Maybe everybody has gone to the moon.

Thanks for the comment!

Denier said...

I read every post, that's for sure, but you usually nail it so much that commentary is mere frippery!

Seriously, I know the feeling: Is this mic on?!

Mike B in NYC said...

Aww - no man, it's just that you set a high standard and a quick comment can only suffer in comparison. Posts have been excellent as always - given the option, and limited time, i would rather read your posts a second time than to try and hit a bank shot off them...

I'll comment more in future though, if only to assure you that, while you may be legendary, you are not "Legend."

ib said...

Thanks, Warden: "Is this mic on?" Exactly!

Mike B:

You just cheered me up immensely, dude: "legendary" may be stretching the truth more than is strictly feasible - and then some - but given the stick I get about not bringing home the bacon on the back of all this, it does more than just massage my ego.

Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I read it all, d00d - and like it!

Your driver said...

I haven't heard much from you lately either. I figure it has something to do with spring. Lounging around in my boxer shorts going cross eyed from staring at a screen is no longer quite as exciting as it was when it was dark out most of the time. Then there was the cold rainy thing. That's over too.

Real life just got in the damn way.

Then there's my career as a hep cat that needs taking care of. Bongo lessons and practice, hep vocabulary studies. It is damned difficult to remember when to end a word with the suffix, "Arooney". This stuff takes time.

Honest Ib, you know I read your stuff. I've quite liked a couple of posts. Usually I nod my head, murmur something approving and get on with whatever comes next.

You never told me your wedding date(arooney)

crb said...

Things are clamming up around "Fuck" Street too. And it seems like the only numbers I'm getting are from hits on a joke post of Rod Stewart in a (rather fetching) thong.

If a downward spiral ceases to be entertaining, does that mean one should stop?

ib said...

Cheers, Dean.


Real life runs on an almost completely separate set of rules. I am glad it is not just me who is fond of lounging around in front of the keyboard in my boxer shorts; the most fitting of morning - or late night - attire. To say nothing of hep cats on a coffee break.

Yes. I am guilty, too, of surfing on the quiet.

I will e-mail you that date.

ib said...

Hey, Chad, life on fuck street always makes for interesting reading. Props and salutations, brother.

As for the Rod Stewart sartorial crimes against humanity, and the traffic it prompted, don't sweat it. That regrettable Boney M. moment of madness of mine, hungover and dribbling like an idiot, also provoked this site's highest ever approval rating over on Hype Machine. And still no commentary.

No doubt we shall bump into each other at the bottom of that staircase. If the elevator doesn't crash first.


Was purposefully avoiding the Vietnam era posts. All I can say is I lived it, then left it.

Also, just got back from five days in San Francisco. Went to see Ozric Tentacles while I was there...what a show.

& in regards to my Iberian roots, your word verification says 'sly in Sp.'

Keep it up, though...flaccid is no good.

Anonymous said...

jeez, what a beggar!

ib said...

Ozric Tentacles sounds like just the ticket. SF or nø.

Good to hear you got that blogger issue ironed out, and even better that your h@cker pal is able to bypass the eye in the sky if the eventuality dictates.

f@ck 'em.

ib said...

Hey, anon!

"beggar" by name, "beggar" by nurture, you c@nt.

The Great Golden said...

Jeez, I luvs ya. I'll be you c@nt all right. It'll be a beggar's banquet, then.& don't call me anon you lizzie.

ib said...

Sorry, The Great Golden; one tipple to many. Peace on you.

ib said... a nice way, I mean.

Brushback said...

I think it's been dead quiet everywhere. Besides, I try to enjoy the times where the blog's activity is at an ebb; more room to write whatever the fuck I want without worrying about making sense to readers who aren't reading anyway.

Less strain on the bandwidth, also!

Anonymous said...

oh I know ib ... Shirl's poledancing to an audience of 3 a day lately ... *sigh* Is there something she's doing wrong?

At this rate I can see her chucking a right tanty and going back to her day job pulling the wings off flies for the entertainment of blond haired, square-eyed kiddies hopped up on fizzy drinks and zombie flicks.

then again ... better the devil you know,eh?

ib said...

Kylie, eh ? What a pretty thang. Better the devil you know, indeed.

If I were more astroligically inclined, I would swear it is something in the air. Or the agitated pawing of animals just prior to a heatwave or incoming comet.

Keep on with the poledancing and weather the storm. Thanks for the comment, Mr. K & Shirl.