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a short-lived, slender insect with delicate, transparent wings and two or three long filaments on the tail. It lives close to water, where the chiefly herbivorous aquatic larvae develop.
• Order Ephemeroptera: several families and many species.

• an artificial fishing fly that imitates such an insect.

Happy birthday, Gus. More Taurean bullshit; from april to may.
Under current RIAA regulatory bullshit, and the closer than strictly advisable scrutiny that might entail, it's perhaps wiser to veer away from unwarranted and endlessly eternal speculation.

More, instead then, from the excellent guitarist and singer who famously told Led Zep
pelin - The New Yardbirds, rather - where to f@cking stick it. Politely; after committing to the opening slot on the Rolling Stones' 1969 US tour. It was Reid himself who suggested Robert Plant as an option.

These two Reid compositions were originally to be found on his second album release, titled "Move Over for Terry Reid" in the States. Pencilled in to appear at Altamont in December - which might have done much to cement his reputation internationally in spite of that festival's notorious failings - Reid pu
lled out, or was dismissed from the bill, as the result of insurmountable differences with manager, Mickie Most. Beset with contractual obligations which prevented him from recording new material, Reid relocated to California to weather the storm, returning to England in August 1970 to perform alongside Hendrix at the Isle of Wight Festival.

"May Fly" is indicative of the direction Most pressed Reid to concentrate on working towards, to the exclusion of more Modish leanings; while the second cut here - a belter, in the best power pop tradition - almost anticipate
s the Glam racket of Slade, at the same time retaining the hallucinogenic sparkle of North London's The Action or the Small Faces at their melodic best.

Terry Reid: guitar and vocals;
Pete Solley: keyboards;
Keith Webb: drums.

Produced by Mickie Most.

Best wishes also to Beccy, Chris and James.

TERRY REID: MAY FLY from "Terry Reid" LP (Columbia EMI) 1969 (UK)




Mondo said...

Fab tracks - I've been meaning to check out his work for years. These are both killer cuts, and can see why Zep made approaches towards him..

Right I'm off to order Super Lungs..

ib said...

Cheers, PM.

Terry Reid turns the corner on age 60 later this year - November, I believe. Thoroughly deserving of much more recognition, the "Super Lungs" retrospective has done a great deal in redressing the balance.

It's very gratifying to get feedback on people purchasing material on the back of a post. Doesn't happen nearly enough, I suspect...

Empire Hancock said...

Thanks for posting these tracks, particularly "Speak Now". Cheap Trick covered it on their first album, and back about a year ago when you had posted a Terry Reid track or two that I remember liking fairly well, I hoped you might post some more in the future.

ib said...

Ah. Thanks for filling in the blanks, EH; I did not know that, but I found myself thinking that - in addition to the Slade similarity - "Speak Now..." reminded me of Cheap Trick! It was maybe lurking somewhere in the subconscious. "Speak Now" is definitely my favourite of these two featured tracks.

Johnny Vandal said...

Excellent take on this lp--- I've always been a Terry Reid fan---thanks!

ib said...

Cheers, Johnny. Thanks for the comment.

dickvandyke said...

Thanks so much. Really illuminating and refreshing.

ib said...

You are very welcome, Dick Van Dyke; I am glad you got a buzz out this.

I like the new chimp hat, across the kitchen table...