Friday, May 1, 2009

latha bealltainn: your mouth is a ghost

illustration by ib.

1st - 2nd May Northern Hemisphere
31st Oct - 1st Nov Southern Hemisphere

Bel•tane |ˌbɛlteɪn|
an ancient Celtic festival celebrated on May Day.

ORIGIN late Middle English : from Scottish Gaelic bealltainn.

T. REX: THERE WAS A TIME from "Get It On b/w There Was A Time / Raw Ramp" 45 (Fly) 1971 (UK)

T. REX: RAW RAMP from "Get It On b/w There Was A Time / Raw Ramp" 45 (Fly) 1971 (UK)



Löst Jimmy said...

I like the Bealltainn illustration, a lot!

You'd do well in the employ of Lord Summerisle ;)

Have good MayDay weekend bro

ib said...

Thanks, Löst Jimmy!

It's been quite a chilly MayDay thus far... Speaking of Lord Summerisle, I'm thinking of going to the Wicker Man Festival later this year. Down near Dumfries. I can't recall when it is exactly, but I've been meaning to go for some time. Mind you, it's probably a tad pricey... tightfisted c@nt that I am!

Enjoy the respite from the factory, brother.

Mondo said...

Great to see some non-regulation Bolan tunes being posted...

ib said...

Cheers, PM. A lot of those b-sides and outtakes often eclipse the "a la carte" cuts, I think.

Löst Jimmy said...

ib - I came across the WickerMan festival in a mailshot from a venue the other day - 24th-25th June, it is quite a line-up...I notice even Bragg is making the trip. The festival prices are not too bad given some of the other ticket prices I've seen for festivals across the country.
The 'happy' bus prices are a bit much though I noticed, in my opinion