Saturday, April 11, 2009

13th floor elevator

David "Fathead" Newman's musical career began in 1954 as saxophonist in the
Ray Charles Band.

A Texan of deviant colour, that's all she wrote. This one is over 40 years old. For a slightly more contemporary tale of Caucasian life on the 14th floor, see here.

David Fathead Newman: altosax & flute;
Cornell Dupree: guitar; Ellis Marsalis: piano;
James Clay: baritone sax;
Dennis Dotson: trumpet; Chuck Rainey: bass;
George Rains: drums.

Produced by Jim Yanaway; Cass Hook and Scout Stormcloud.
Engineered byRichard Mullen.
Recorded at Caravan of Dreams, Fort Worth, Texas.

DAVID NEWMAN: THIRTEENTH FLOOR from "Bigger And Better" LP (Atlantic) 1968 (US)

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