Monday, April 27, 2009

zorro doggerel

Pigs might crash,
swine flew;
the masked man
his bacon.


All that porking is making me scratch.

From the legendary Pink Fairies' drummer, John "Twink" Alder's 'infamous' 1970 solo LP. Fiddlers on the roofs of Volkswagen Beetles way down, Sam's in Mexico.

With two confirmed cases of swine flu quarantined in a hospital in Scotland, and a further seven of the twenty-two individuals thought to have come into direct contact with them being treated for symptoms, European health authorities are primed to attempt to contain the potential for an outbreak of pandemic proportions in line with the Americas. Spain, of course, was the first EU nation to officially announce its citizens had also tested positive for the virus. Farther abroad, New Zealand and Israel have similarly been affected, it seems.

The WHO, currently, has raised its pandemic alert level from Phase 3 to Phase 4; confirming the virus has presented the potential to transmit "community-level outbreaks." Phase 6 is the phrase to dread.

All very "Dawn of the Dead", and an indictment - if one is needed - against the environmental perils, and human costs, of intensive factory hog farming. Having f@cked up the arable land in Texas for decades, those corporate swine in the US have simply moved their operations into the third world where nobody complains.

TWINK: MEXICAN GRASS WAR from "Think Pink" LP (Sire) 1970 (US)

bonus shit:
BUTTHOLE SURFERS: MEXICO from "The Weird Revolution" CD (Hollywood) 2001 (US)



Denier said...

Man, I was hoping this swine flu thing would pass and I wouldn't have to pay attention to it. But here in NYC we're getting bombarded with news because there are cases in Queens and Brooklyn. I have a bad feeling about this spiraling out of control. Egypt is killing all 300,000 of its pigs. That sounds like a biblical prophecy or something. But at least we can enjoy the music while we dance toward the apocalypse. Tango anyone?

ib said...

Thanks for the comment, Warden. It does have an Old Testament air to it, doesn't it ? Very ominous. I have been listening repeatedly to WHO bulletins emphasizing that the term swine flu is a misnomer; no pigs have thus far tested positive for the virus, and there is no evidence to suggest it originated in a swine herd. And yet.

Kill all pigs! It's a family affair.

rant said...

mad cow is MUCH more insidious.
How quickly we forget.

Elian Gonzalez, anyone?

ib said...

Thanks for the surprisingly balanced observation, rant. You are right. CJD is much more insiduous in terms of its long term consequences and transmission.

You kind of lost me on the Elian Gonnzalez connection, though.