Wednesday, April 15, 2009


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Long overdue.

This one I intended to feature a couple of months back at least, but circumstances, alas, drew close scrutiny from the relentless ticking of hands.

In short, I f@cked up.

Dating from 1980, this 45 clocked in on the John Peel Show on at least three late evenings between 10 and 12 PM. No small achievement for a self released slab of vinyl cooked up by four possibly disparate teenage first timers; one on the run from a full time date with an offset litho printing press.

Guitarist, Andy - on bass here - was just fifteen years old at the time:

"Think we recorded about eight songs in a few hours in a little hall, straight onto a Revox B77 4-track, the bass-end is rather missing, but it captured the feel very nicely.

I played classical guitar quite well & was much into Bach - Clock came about after I thought the counterpoint of one guitar going up & one down might work ok - & it did. The (Jazz) drummer had some of those flared tom toms ( forget the name ) where the bass version looked like some giant Jagger lips."


Keith Ostler: Vox Phantom guitar;
Andy Ball: bass; Alan White: Gibson Les Paul, vocals;
Paul Wiseman: drums.

Thanks to Andy for taking the trouble to mail me both the original vinyl
and the spine tingling rip.

THE RHODESIANS: CLOCK from "Clock b/w Post Mortem" 45 (Period) 1980 (UK)


HowMarvellous said...

ha! you had the luxury of more than one colour, which I think we restricted on grounds of cost. You're spot-on about the printing, of course, Keith Ostler (Vox Phantom guitar) worked with one; I played bass, Alan White (Gibson Les Paul & vocals on Clock) & Paul Wiseman (drums) completed the ineup... they were at least 10yrs older than me & had foolishly answred a 'bass player available" ad in some local music shop.

One gig only, at 'Nero's" night club, Souyhsea front, The Pop Group on the decks, and a minimal audience - I thought it all quite amazing, esp me mum & dad staying up to catch John Peel's plays while i was out boozing with these umm, slightly disrepuatble, older guys.

We later had Steve Pescott, who's done a few reviews at & several postal fanzines, on Wasp synth & vocals; mega vinyl collector & unwilling (but excellent) singer of educational school posters as lyrics.

Good days, & a surprisingly long time ago; thanks ib.

ib said...

Yes! The original sleeve is, shall we say, minimalist... and very much in the spirit of the time.

If you haven't checked out Pennsylvania's Notekillers, previously, this may be of interest, and not just because of the "clock" theme:

Anonymous said...

How wonderful!
I have the 45 (lucky me!) but not a diamond tip to extract the sounds;)

I've not heard it yet, but it would of done good justice to the tune had Andy been singing, provided his voice gorgeous voice was settled at the tender age of 15..

Lovely post and thank you for the tune...

lieutenant030 said...

I picked this up at a Southend record fair a couple of months ago. No mention of The Rhodesians in Bob & Martha Defoe's Intl Discog of The New Wave!
Any ideas how many were pressed and what else was released on the Period label?