Thursday, April 30, 2009


joc•u•lar |ˌdʒɒkjʊlə|

fond of or characterized by joking; humorous or playful : she sounded in a jocular mood | his voice was jocular.

joc•u•lar•i•ty |-ˌlarɪti| noun joc•u•lar•ly adverbORIGIN early 17th cent.: from Latin jocularis, from joculus, diminutive of jocus (see JOKE ).

A salacious furball from one time Clevelander Robert Dennis Crumb and cronies. The instrumental - "with novelty singing by members of the band" - was originally coupled with "Christopher Columbus", an even bawdier piece of faux 1920's whimsy featuring a vocalisation by one Leila Jane Dornacker.

This one can either be fairly amusing or downright irritating, depending
on one's mood and material condition. Rather like "The Rain Song". You have been warned.
THE CHEAP SUIT SERENADERS: MY GIRL'S PUSSY from "R. Crumb And His Cheap Suit Serenaders Party Record" 78rpm (Red Goose Records) 1974 (US)


Denier said...

Better than I thought it would be. Some damn funny lines in there.

Your driver said...

By golly that's just the sort of thing I'm talking about. If you like this sort of thing, you might enjoy Janet Klein. Her band includes a couple of cheap suit serenaders.

Ha, WV is jonsup

ib said...

I hesitate to use the phrase "tongue in cheek" - or anything remotely orally fixated - but it not without a certain charm.

"Better than I thought it would be" is accolade enough.

I will keep one ear open for Janet Klein.

Mike said...

Very good... I thought this post was going in a different direction - I thought you would post a song from the excellent soundtrack to Ralph Bakshi's movie. Is R Crumb actually singing on this? Where did you find this?

ib said...

Yeah, I have te soundtrack - featuring Geechie Wylie amongst others; great movie too - but this is from a more a far earlier period; before, possibly, "Fritz the Cat" broke.

Not sure if Crumb is singing here, but my guess is 'yes'. I heard the Cheap Suit Serenaders originally via Gus, my compatriot in the Ghosts. This comes from somewhere farther down the line, on the web.

ramoon said...

Please upload the complete song Christopher Columbus... i can't found it on www


Sorry for my bad inglish...