Friday, April 17, 2009

we sell soul

Vintage Roky b-side. Before he took the elevator right on up to the 13th floor.

THE SPADES: WE SELL SOUL from "You're Gonna Miss Me b/w We Sell Soul" 45 (Zero Records) 1965 (US)


Your driver said...

For a moment there, I panicked. I couldn't remember if I had this one, and I'm supposed to be a big Roky fan.

Everything's OK. Not only do I have it by Roky and Co. I have, and am listening to it, as performed by The Lyres.

If, and when, I get my shit together, I'll try and post The Lyres version in downloadable form for you.

Ramone666 said...

Thanks for this Ib! I only knew the Lyres version.

ib said...

Both versions owe a huge debt to Them's "Gloria" - one of my favourite Van compositions - but Roky's vocal here is full on Elevators.

The Spades version was on the juke box at Malcolm McLaren's shop on the Kings Road. Thanks to Crispin for bringing this one to my attention.

ib said...

Or - more accurately, maybe - Roky's vocal is full on "Gloria" era Van. Between a basement and a hard place.