Saturday, June 27, 2009

ayatollah khatami: talking asshøle

sphinc•ter |ˌsfɪŋktə|
• a ring of muscle surrounding and serving to guard or close an opening or tube, such as the anus or the openings of the stomach.

sphinc•ter•al adjective
sphinc•ter•ic |-ˌtɛrɪk| adjective

ORIGIN late 16th cent.: via Latin from Greek sphinktēr, from sphingein ‘bind tight’.

And flaccid with it.

While Iran's favourite mullah shoots imbecilic spittle in his beard, and gets his knickers in a royal twist, the west should not forget for one minute that those recent events on the streets of Tehran mark a monumental development in the overruling of blind intolerance and contemptible rhetoric.

"Leading demonstrators must be executed, cleric demands."
- The Times, June 27, 2007.

Really. As the world hold its breath and ponders the remote possibility of such fanatical upstarts getting stoned - literally - by their own downtrodden peoples, surely the weight of secular opinion the globe over must dictate otherwise

Whip it up, motherf@cker, by all means. It is what we have come to expect. The ritual incontinence
of extremism and fatwa upon fatwa like spoiled sandwiches piled up at a wake.

In one corner are those who dare protest. In the other sit those who merely tolerate evil, and those who willfully abet in the systemic silencing of all voice of dissent. Public or not.

The killer clown has spoken. It is virtually enough to prompt one to pick up the sword.

Of course, this is precisely what the fundamentalists hanker after: a climate of terror which stifles any hint of dialogue; within their immediate circle and beyond.

Recorded September 19th, 1968 - March 7th, 1969 at IBC Studios, London.

from "Tommy" 2 x LP (Track) 1969 (UK)


Denier said...

These sick, repressive bastards are on the wrong side of history, as are all religious zealots. Groups like the Taliban are a blight on humanity, and their threat to civilization in places like Pakistan and Afghanistan can't be overstated. When they blew up those ancient Buddha statues about a year before 9/11, that was the first I had heard of them. Little did I know what else they had in store.

Denier said...

Did you know Enron was trying to make that oil pipeline deal with them even after they blew up those priceless artifacts? They paid some 45 million in advance and had no problem with their repressive regime whatsoever. Later on, of course, the Bush crime family "Enron-ized" the entire country, if not the world.

ib said...

well. When the Soviets had an issue with them, of course they were painted as the offending party; the US and the UK were falling over themselves to fund and train the Taliban.

A couple of decades later and it is a very different story.

I have sat down and broken fast with imams in Glasgow who were sure I'd be impressed with their enlisting in Chechnya.

What the fuck.

I refused to take off my shoes on that occasion.

Denier said...

I'm an unabashed conspiracy theorist when it comes to 9/11. I say that because the definition of conspiracy is two or more people conspiring to commit a crime. I've read where the KGB actually blew up that Moscow department store in order to justify their brutal crackdown of the Chechnyan (sp?) independence movement. I believe something similar happened on 9/11. I think we knew it was coming and did nothing to prevent, knowing it would provide a Pearl Harbor like spark to carry out the neocon agenda of American Uber Alles aka Project for a New American Century. We've got some sickos in high places here, my friend. Any doubt Dick Cheney would welcome another attack to justify his policies of torture worked? I for one have one.

Once again, you provided another stimulating post.

ib said...

Apologies for the woolliness of my last comment here, subsequently relegated to the big Google bin in the sky.

Nothing of much substance, admittedly, but sufficiently embarrassing to warrant deletion the "morning after"...

Kinda crass, all round. Enough huffing and puffing, then, and moving swiftly along...

Löst Jimmy said...

no worries ib, I noticed the disappearing comments - such outpouring is something I have affinity with. Your words as laid down made sense and was understood, an understandable reaction to lslamo-fascists.
Huffing and its cojoined twin, puffing is acceptable and warranted!
Have a good week ahead brother