Friday, June 5, 2009

*@*k!!! BUY 6

Good evening, muthaf@ckers. I'm back.

Read the label.

THE DAMNED: SMASH IT UP from "Smash It Up b/w Burglar" 45 (Chiswick) 1979 (UK)
THE DAMNED: HELP! from "New Rose b/w Help!" 45 (Stiff) 1976 (UK)


Denier said...

point, To the.

ib said...

Could this be... the quickest ever comment ?

I think it well might.

Denier said...

Always liked this version of Help. Didn't realize it was their first B side.

Mondo said...

Love It
Love It
Love It

Considering I've seen The Damned countless times, I really should blog them more (once to date - very poor form)

PS - one of my fave Damned tunes is Stranger On The Town.

Your driver said...

Yo homeboy.

ib said...

Yo, siblings. Even without the great Brian James playing on their '79 smash - Alistair Ward, I believe, hit the bar chords on this one - they more than cut the mustard.