Friday, June 5, 2009

*@*k!!! BUY 6

Good evening, muthaf@ckers. I'm back.

Read the label.

THE DAMNED: SMASH IT UP from "Smash It Up b/w Burglar" 45 (Chiswick) 1979 (UK)
THE DAMNED: HELP! from "New Rose b/w Help!" 45 (Stiff) 1976 (UK)


The Warden said...

point, To the.

ib said...

Could this be... the quickest ever comment ?

I think it well might.

The Warden said...

Always liked this version of Help. Didn't realize it was their first B side.

Planet Mondo said...

Love It
Love It
Love It

Considering I've seen The Damned countless times, I really should blog them more (once to date - very poor form)

PS - one of my fave Damned tunes is Stranger On The Town.

Jon said...

Yo homeboy.

ib said...

Yo, siblings. Even without the great Brian James playing on their '79 smash - Alistair Ward, I believe, hit the bar chords on this one - they more than cut the mustard.