Thursday, June 25, 2009

santa ana revisited

Surfer Rosa, muthaf@kers.

A righteous muscular workout of the Chantays' 1963 classic, written by Brian Carmen and Bob Spickard of Santa Ana, California. Given some concise pace by legendary Doll, John Anthony Genzale, Jr. With additional guitar, of course, from Heartbreaker, Walter Lure.

The album also features contributions from Steve Jones and Paul Cook.

JOHNNY THUNDERS: PIPELINE from "So Alone" LP (Sire) 1978 (US)


Ramone666 said...

And don´t forget the great Peter Perrett, Ib.

ib said...

Shit, Ramone 666, thanks for that reminder! I had entirely forgotten, as I had Phil Lynott's contribution, amongst a host of others...

Not the Only One, given such a stellar supporting cast.



Quite the list of luminaries.
'So Alone'???

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

It is sort of like the old Dils song: Dead Rockers Rule!

ib said...

The Dils. Fine band.

Yes, NØ. Well observed. Now you mention it, "So Alone" as a title is more than slightly ironic.

The list of contributing punksters reads like a Who's Who of chronic junkies eger to drop the anonymous from NA.

MikeB in NYC said...

When Johnny died, old pal Richard Hell said that he played with "a casual, mesmerizing fury.." which is certainly a good expression of what this sounds like.

Nazz Nomad said...

I saw soooo many Thunders shows back in the day.
And almost evry on eof them was billed "see him before he dies".

Denier said...

Bless you for this!! Lost my copy of So Alone a while back. This is the most smoking version of Pipeline in my opinion, and that's saying something b/c there are a lot of good versions, including one by an obscure but underrated San Francisco punk band called the Humans. Of course the song itself is so great that even garage bands just starting out can't fuck it up too much!!

Denier said...

Oh yeah, some members of the Only Ones also contribute mightily to this record, helping to make this the absolute apex of Johnny Boy's solo career. Man how I loved the Only Ones' Special View album.

ib said...

Fine quote, Mike B. Cheers!


"Catch him while he's still warm" kind of thing; or, "Alive if not Kicking". You are privileged.


I have not heard The Humans' version, I don't believe. Thanks for making mention of it.

It might be a trifle obvious, but I still consider "Another Girl, another Planet" to be the Only Ones finest moment.

Nazz Nomad said...

Another Girl Another Planer is Power Pop's finest moment.

Denier said...

Think there may have been some choice substances consumed during this particular recording session?!

Nazz: We also saw Thunders a lot. Every show different, depending on his mood and, ahem, other factors. He would regularly chastise the crowd for being comatose or, in turn, making too much noise. But the between song banter was priceless.

Mighty mighty Lemon Kings do a killer version of Another Girl. And yes, the song's greatness cannot be overestimated.