Sunday, June 21, 2009

bum deal; the emperor's new clothes

do drop inn, shelby, mississippi. photograph by bill steber.

Sunday broke this morning on a bum note.

Firstly, at 5:45 AM, there beat a tattoo of insistent knocking on my front door. I assume it was acquaintances of those unneighbourly neighbours directly above. I say assume, merely because I did not vacate the sanctuary of my sheets to investigate. But given that a racket of shrieking and cacophonous sound erupted on the ceiling not five minutes later, it is a fairy safe wager.

Those f@ckers are incapable of reading a nameplate or door number. And frequently too inebriated to navigate a direct route home.

I resisted the urge to uplift a claw hamme
r to complain. The racket subsided less than half an hour later but sleep eluded me.

On impulse I checked my email. I am waiting from a response from DivShare Support. They collected payment three days ago on my account but the monthly download renewal had failed to go through, the bastards. It still read at 80% of the limit - as it had on Friday just prior to the scheduled renewal - and they seem bent on either feigning ignorance or persisting with their lie.

It's the emperor's new clothes all over again.

Needless to say, the in-tray was quite empty. Moreover, it appears I have as of this mornng reached 100% of this month's limit. Bollocks, obviously, but unless they reconsider that means no sounds here, dear siblings, until the 20th of July.

A full f@cking month of radio silence.

Well. As you may recall, I have a trick or two up my sleeve to ease the deprivations of such Stalinist tactics. Short of greasing more palms or bowing to inflated party membership dues.

The bad news, whichever way you choose to skin this white rabbit, is that those previous entries remain hopelessly locked. I just don't have the time to reupload the content to another server. And - in the meantime, sadly - any new content will not be recognised by Hype Machine. You have been warned.

Let's hope DivShare get their act together. I have no intention of paying them a penny more.


Well. As of this morning - a full three days after my download tracking was scheduled to renew - my account appears to have been reset correctly. Still no word of an apology though, or explanation; and since Hype Machine now seems to register MediaFire content - when did that happen? - I am left wondering whether to simply bail now and jump ship on a permanent basis. Oh, happy Monday!


MAGNOLIA ELECTRIC COMPANY: TROUBLE IN MIND from "Sojourner Box Set" 4 x CD (Secretly Canadian) 2007 (US)

This cut wings its way by email from Douglas over on the excellent
Hell in a Kiss. From the "Sun Sessions" EP from 2007's "Sojourner" heavyweight - literally, packaged as it is in wood - four disc box set. "Trouble In Mind" is a traditional arrangement engagingly resuscitated by Magnolia Electric's Jason Molina.

The entire EP was fittingly recorded in one day at Sun Studios, Memphis in March, 2006.


Löst Jimmy said...

I've come to have fear and loathing about neighbours who think that all in earshot share their love of drink fuelled brawls, ministry of sound remixes and domestic inepitude.
Surprisingly quiet here after dark last night, the white lightning cider was out of stock perhaps?
Salt of the earth.

ib said...

Yes. White Lightning cider; I used to be quite fond of Bulmers when they sold it fairly cheaply in 3 litre plastic bottles. Now they have rebranded it, seemingly, and are vending it in glass bottles at a new premium rate. What's that all about ?

That White Lightning shit is acidic enough to burn a hole right through into a colostomy bag. Vile stuff, indeed.

Standing under the feral screeching from windows as used sanitary napkins float down like pigeon droppings is enough to put one off cider for life.

Glad to hear you got some peace, Löst Jimmy.