Wednesday, June 24, 2009

communiqué #24: a word of caution regarding money grabbing $hits

normal service disabled, mister ib.

The good news, clearly, is that DivShare has reset my monthly download limit.

Allegedly, there was an issue with their database on 16th June; coincidentally the same day they collected $12 on my account. Rather inconveniently, all linked files up on their server were locked over a two day period. While Support has since resolved the issue, apparently it was considered a low enough priority that no apology was forthcoming.

Sorry seems to be the hardest word. Even when one is paying top dollar for it.

To compound matters, it appears that a further $9.99 was debited from my account just today. Go figure. A monthly subscription is just that; one does not expect to forfeit twice in any one given month. Furthermore, while checking their premiums up on their members' page as a consequence, it appears the monthly amount levied for those services leased is currently $5.95. Assholes. That makes for quite a princely overpayment by my calculations, depite the fact they have lowered their rates in recent months to undercut the competition.

I advised them by e-mail to investigate as a matter of urgency, of course. If the situation is not promptly resolved I see no option but to close my account immediately. In addition to taking steps to recover misappropriated funds on a service which does not deliver as advertised.

F@ck them. If any blogger dropping in here is thinking of setting up an account with them, I would encourage you to reconsider.

Oh, and did I mention their traffic statistics do not update into the bargain ? Kind of problematic when one is trying to keep tabs on the popularity of content.

"You Publish, They Control".

illustration by ib.


davyh said...

Bastards. I empathise ib.

Media Fire? Unlimited bandwidth, free.

ib said...

Cheers, Davy.

Yeah, MediaFire seems the optimum solution. A better service by far.

The big issue remains the transference of all previous DivShare hosted files, unfortunately. I don't see any way around it bar reuploading, and that is way too time consuming. If I close my account, all files are automatically erased.

Bastards, indeed.

ib said...

Intriguingly too, it appears Hype Machine has stopped tracking DivShare hosted content. I don't know for certain that other individuals have been experiencing similar issues, but it does seem oddly coincidental.