Monday, June 29, 2009

super bad: the payback

103rd street, harlem, NYC, 1947. photograph by ralph morse for "life".

And not a white sock in sight.

Honestly; all these flippant comparisons with James Brown are beginning to sound rather tedious.

Fred Thomas: bass; John Jabo Starks: drums;
Hearlon Cheese Martin: guitar; Jimmy Nolen: guitar;
Johnny Grigs: percussion; John morgan: percussion;
Fred Wesley: trombone; James Brown: vocals.

Written by John Starks.

JAMES BROWN: THE PAYBACK from "The Payback" 2 x LP (Polydor) 1973 (US)


emmett said...

John "Jabo" Starks wrote The Payback? That's surprising, and equally surprising that JB agreed to give Jabo the writing credit.

At one point Jabo put down the drum sticks to become James's bus driver. True story.

In more recent news, Jabo, along with Clyde Stubblefield, was a member of the Superbad Band, who provided music for the film Superbad.

ib said...

Starks gets the credit on the original Polydor US release of the LP up on Discogs; but, equally, it has been credited to Fred Wesley.

Allegedly, the title track was initially turned down for not being "James Brown enough".

Thanks for the detail on Starks, Emmett; I know very little about him. The Super Bad in the post title was merely coincidental on that note.

Actually, aside from the fact this JB track is - I feel - genuinely one of his best, my decision to post it was in part prompted by your earlier (that day) posting of Paul Zaza's "Le Payback"... ;)

Your driver said...

No denying Michael Jackson's talent, but I'm tired of hearing him compared Elvis. The real, Black Elvis was James Brown and look at how they done him.

ib said...

Yes. A comparison with an Elvis Impersonator is nearer the mark.

Personally, I do not care for Michael Jackson's talent one iota. I don't give a fuck how many records he sold and broke; I resisted the moonwalk entirely, of course, and I thought Thriller was ultimately as thrilling as pulling hairs out my nose.