Wednesday, July 15, 2009

agitated: another porky prime cut

RT 008.

Recorded on May 25th, 1975, and released on Geoff Travis' UK label some three years after these Clevelanders finally disbanded; by which time Nick Knox was firmly installed in the percussive seat of psychobilly cheerleaders, The Cramps.

Dave E. (McManus): vocals; Nick Knox : drums;
Brian McMahon:
rhythm guitar; John Morton: lead guitar.

Written by Brian McMahon. Recorded By Paul Marotta.
Artwork by John Morton.

THE ELECTRIC EELS: AGITATED from "Cyclotron b/w Agitated" 45 (Rough Trade) 1978 (UK / US)


Denier said...

These prepunk artifacts are fascinating. That mid'70s Cleveland scene had undeniable originality going for it.

ib said...

Cleveland was certainly a weirdly prolific spawning ground. Indiana too, by all accounts; although I'm not so familiar with the deal there.

Glad you enjoyed this one, warden.

The Electric Eels' "Jaguar Ride" is probably their finest moment, but it's a close call.

Denier said...

I didn't know about Indiana. I really latched onto to the punk scene relatively late, '79. first show was the Neighborhoods, a great Boston power pop band. (Actually saw their reunion show a few years back.) Always remember your first. The demented energy of the band as they bounced around the stage was new to me, having had much more mellow tastes in music up to that point.

Saw the Dead Boys a few times, perhaps the ultimate Midwest punk band, as well as all the other Stiv Bator incarnations, which were always interesting (Lords of New Church, Wanderers). I looked at some Electric Eeels on youtube, I don't remember Jaguar Ride, but I'm gonna go back and find it.

ib said...

Never seen any video footage of the Electric Eeels; I need to look that one up.