Thursday, July 16, 2009

white line fever #1

"undertakers to the industry – if they're dead - we'll sign 'em".

A curiosity. From the early compilation - SEEZ 2 - from 33 Alexander Street, London W2; that original little shop of horrors.
An entirely different take to the one which made its way onto their debut LP on Chiswick.

Lemmy: bass, vocals;
Eddie Clarke: guitars;
Philip Taylor: drums.

Written by Ian Kilminster.
(originally catalogue # BUY 9, but previously unreleased)

MOTÖRHEAD: WHITE LINE FEVER from "A Bunch Of Stiff" LP (Stiff) 1977 (UK)


Anonymous said...

Lemmy being Ian loses out to Marilyn Manson being Brian, but Lemmy may just trump him with the middle name Fraser.

Hearing this reminded me to check out the release date of Lemmy the Movie, but still only given as forthcoming or 2009.


Löst Jimmy said...

Obey the mighty Lemmy!

This is THE raw version of White Line Fever, ah the nostalgia of it all.

Thank you for posting this up ib!

Eric - As for the Lemmy movie, release was supposed to be 2009 but reckon it will beyond the current year, having seen the trailer I worry it will be the tired old format- get music biz mates in to praise him up, interview snippets, more clips, more praise 'im moments, roll credits...hope I am wrong

Löst Jimmy said...

In fact the sound of that rasping bass on White Line Fever, deserves this second comment submission from me!
Top Notch!

ib said...

Cheers, Eric.

But what's wrong with the name, Ian, anyway ? On second thoughts. I never much liked it myself. Ah, well; at least I'm not Brian James...

ib said...

I thought you might appreciate this one, Löst Jimmy. Although I'm making an educated guess you have this version somewhere already ?

Speaking of the movie, I quite enjoyed that documentary on Mr. Kilminster from a couple of years back. Was it a BBC number, or something from Channel 4 ? Honest and unflinching; warts and all.

ib said...

Actually, I didn't know that MM was a Brian. Now you mention it, Eric, it does seem somehow fitting.

Löst Jimmy said...

Indeed I have this tasty morsel
in the vaults at Victory Mansions

Channel 4 did the documentary ib, very good it was too save for the 'super' fans. The mere mention of 'super' fans makes me er, rant. Speaking to some 'super' types it brings to mind a sort of 'class' system of fans if you understand what I mean, I personally don't like that bollocks.

Word Verification = hifthyp

ib said...

By 'super' fans, Löst Jimmy, I assume you are referring to those idiot presenters - I seem to recall - who appeared to be wondering why Lemmy was content just to sit with a bottle of Jack Daniels and rap about retiring to the tour bus with a good book.


These fucking reality shows have much much to answer for; the cult of celebrity, regardless of talent and/or productivity.

I was very much enlightened though - and entertained - by Lemmy's account of his absentee religious maniac of a father returning to meet him in a greasy spoon with the poisoned chalice of an ultimatum. Small wonder wee Ian was consumed with finding an axe to grind. Jimi's strat or otherwise.

I detest all super fans and sycophants with an Old Testament vengeance. And the uncoiling of venomous snakes.

ib said...

Incidentally. I have always found your own reference to the idiot lantern highly amusing and extremely apt. It seems like a very suitable juncture to mention that...