Tuesday, July 21, 2009

houston, we have no problem


I did not intend to let this 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing pass unremarked. Launching on July 16th, 1969 from the Kennedy Space Center at 9:32 AM, local time - in the unlikely event that you may have missed all recent television coverage on it - Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins splashed back down to earth four days later on July 20th with just 25 seconds worth of fuel remaining.

Unbuckle your safety belt and grab an earful of Cozy Powell's barefaced homage to Jimi's "Third Stone from the Sun".

The Eagle has landed, siblings. And Eugene lingers on the dark side of the moon.

COZY POWELL: DANCE WITH THE DEVIL from "Dance With The Devil b/w And Then There Was Skin" 45 (RAK / EMI) 1974 (UK)



Mondo said...

I've missed most of the coverage - but am planning to correct this by reading Moon Dust

Gotta love a single built around a drum solo - winner

ib said...

Cheers, Dave. The best documentary I caught on the subject last week was an exposé on family life at the Cape featuring commentary in hindsight from the Apollo wives.

Those women put up with one hell of a lot. Widows receiving nothing in the way of compensation from NASA, and the inevitable spate of divorces which resulted from the unwelcome attention of those space groupies who descended on their men.

Gripping stuff, if not quite the 'right' stuff.

Happy reading.

Löst Jimmy said...

Wow Powell's 'Dance With The Devil' it has been an age since I heard that!

Hats off to the Moonmen too

Now going way off etiquette for a moment; I do like your term 'space groupies'...I like it a lot!

BTW, anime Metropolis on FilmFour again this Thursday 11am if you can catch it

Have a good rest of the week bro

ib said...

Those cosmonauts were knee deep in all manner of Canaveral carnalities, by all accounts. Did you catch this one on the Beeb ?

One had to admire that astro-wife who vented her frustration retrospectively on the ukulele. What a trooper. And not without a goodly amount of humour.

I was left wondering how their Soviet counterparts fared. It would be interesting indeed to see them hooked up, so to speak.