Monday, July 27, 2009

paging mr. lee


A fractured slice of almost indecently perfect pop from the late 1980's, penned by Merseyside mysterioso, Lee Mavers, and prompted by this interesting tidbit recently posted on Blank Stares and Cricketclaps.

Produced by Bob Andrews, formerly of Brinsley Schwarz; Dr. Feelgood; and The Rumour. Andrews also contributed piano and hammond organ to Johnny Thunders and Patti Palladin's collection of covers, "Copycats", from the same year.

THE LA's: THERE SHE GOES from "There She Goes" 7' & 12" EP (Go! Discs) 1988 (UK)


Denier said...

If you're gonna be a one-hit wonder, you can do a lot worse than this! I mean, this is the only song I know by them, interesting to learn it was produced by Bob Andrews from the Rumour. Graham Parker, by the way, was my favorite artist for a while there. Any Graham-related posts on the horizon?

ib said...

Well. Valid point; I was very fond of "Don't Ask Me Questions", so who knows ?

I liked "Stick To Me" too.

ib said...

Beyond those couple of songs, I was was never really that much stricken with the Rumour, so I don't know them inside out.

Actually, I am just right now looking up Bob Andrews discography and between 1969 and 1980 it is staggering how many great acts he played with.

Nice nudge, Warden.

Denier said...

I agree on the Rumour; except for that Emotional Traffic single, which is fantastic, the albums were pretty subpar affairs.

I would say Stick to Me, Squeezing out Sparks and Heat Treatment are Parker's essential albums. The two times I caught him live, alas, were after he had parted ways with the Rumour.

Your driver said...

This song has turned into quite the earworm today. I knew the song, but couldn't remember where I knew it from. When I first listened to it I thought, "Oh, he's posted the wrong song. Wasn't this by Teenage Fan Club?" Aren't they from Glasgow?

ib said...

Both The La's and Teenage Fanclub might have occupied the same jangly space back in 1988-90, although the Fannies were a tad more Big Star influenced and raw at the edges.

Oddly enough, I'd originally intended to post on Teenage Fanclub; but I discovered I'd previously posted the songs I had in mind.

Are we becoming psychically tuned, do you think ?

Blank Stares And Cricketclaps has some answers as to what became of Lee Mavers.

lyly said...

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