Thursday, July 9, 2009

pink military cadet school

photograph by richard kern.

Jayne Casey: vocals;
Dave Balfe: bass;
Bill Drummond: guitar; Ian Broudie: guitar;
Budgie: drums.
Recorded at the M.C.V.U. 4 track studio (Teac 3340S), Liverpool, July 1978.
Produced by Noddy Knowler.

BIG IN JAPAN: NOTHING SPECIAL from "From Y To Z And Never Again" 12" EP (Zoo) 1978 (UK)


davyh said...

Well, that was interesting. I have heard of them of course, but actually never anything by them. Does it sound like Television to you?

ib said...

Well, not exactly... But very guitar oriented certainly. The great Bill Drummond and Broudie to thank for that. Or was it Clive Langer ? It was really always Jayne Casey's vocals which appealed to me. This one was, for me, the highlight of the EP.

Holly Johnson appears on one of the other tracks, which is quite surprising too...

They did a Peel session too early in '79, but without Drummond, sadly. Johnson was in on the line-up then also.

"Big In Japan" was issued earlier on an split Eric's 45 in 1977 with what would later become the Yachts on the b-side.

ib said...

"Big In Japan" by "Big In Japan", I mean. I have not heard it since, I don't believe.

Anonymous said...

So, did they then become Pink Military?

I've got a PM 12" Blood & Lipstick (much played by Peel) and also an LP "Do animals believe in God?"


ib said...

Yeah. After Big In Japan broke up, Jayne Casey went on to join Pink Military - "Do Animals Believe In God ?" (1980) - and then Pink Industry in '83.

None of those other members in BIJ survived the transition, choosing instead to move in other well documented directions.

The Eric's 12" EP of "Blood & Lipstick" is quite rare, I believe; I don't have a copy.

The line-up here was:

Roy White: guitar); Steve Torch: bass; Nicky Cool: synthesizer; Tim Whittaker: Drums.

Originally Pink Military Stand Alone, this collective had previously released a live at Eric's 45 in '78 "Buddha Waking/Disney Sleeping" issued through the fanzine, Last Trumpet.

It featured compositions by Casey with Nicky Cool, with production again by Noddy Knowler, this time in collaboration with Roy White.

Mick said...

I still get lots of hits on my blog from people searching for White and Torch, who I featured some time ago and even got a message from Roy Torch. Must post some Pink Miltary soon.

ib said...

Bizarre, Mick. I read this and initially I was nonplussed: "Who the fuck are White and Torch ?"

I just did a search up on Raiding The Vinyl Archive. I had no idea.