Wednesday, February 10, 2010

beat the devil's tattoo

The new album from L.A.'s Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, "Beat the Devil's Tattoo", is rolling out now in chop shops here and in their native USA, with Raveonette Leah Shapiro continuing to 'temporarily' sport the rocker patch formerly inked like a rod on one-percenter, Nick Jago's back.

Riding in formation over the full tilt engine throttle of 2008's entirely instrumental digital download, "The Effects of 333", "Beat the Devil's Tatt
oo" - title track and promo 45 - is a measured exercise in ominous tub thumping and clubhouse steel. Less flying their colors than surfacing out of a hangover on the morning of a funeral run. Expectorating a lungful of anticipated ashes.

The yellowed mattress on the floor.
A hulking Indian fork down in the weeds.

Stay with it, and the heel jams down to kick start it in the spitting February rain.
Like properly cured leathers, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have aged rather well.

Peter Hayes: vocals, guitar, bass, synthesizer;
Robert Levon Been: vocals, bass, guitar, piano;
Leah Shapiro: drums, percussion.
Recorded The Basement Studio, Philadelphia, PA.

BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB: BEAT THE DEVIL'S TATTOO from "Beat The Devil's Tattoo" LP (Abstract Dragon / Vagrant Records) 2010 (US)

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