Friday, February 26, 2010

burn in hell in white flame, motherf@cker




"carry on with your threats to anyone/everyone. we all know who you are"

"ib are you really LOST? cause i thought you werent LOST. you mustnt [sic] put yourself down. get this into the real world - we're getting there."

Yes, folks. Just a few of the engaging witticisms directed my way these past couple of days. Jesus. You really couldn't make this kind of crap up.

And this strikingly perceptive summation:

"...i like that wood cut btw but yyyou [?] are a very angry person"

Anonymous, I'd like to say it's been swell knowing you. But. I'd be lying through my fuckin' teeth. Truly, I would.

If you really feel you must write again, be sure to do it in crayon.

You will find some pretty colours in the packet provided. The one with the farting Buddha all done up in pink.

Or Jay Cee on the lamb turned out like Charlton Heston.

We're all getting there, baby doll. It's just it takes some longer than others.

Recorded November 21st, 1961, Hollywood. Arranged by Don Costa.
Written by Erroll Garner and Johnny Burke.

photograph by richard kern.

FRANK SINATRA: MISTY from "Sinatra & Strings" LP (Reprise) 1962 (US)



Man. I'm loving shit around here lately (not that I don't always...Ghosts...Dub...Great jazz...Poesy...psychedelic oldies of every bygone era). But to have to decide between "Walk on Gilded Splinters" - Dr. John??? or Humble Pie???...or wallow in the one-sided infantile slagfest of Anonymity, who can decide.

Keep pushing them buttons, brother. It's making me all 'Misty'.

Legs McNeil for Pope of Punk. Who'll start the bidding? What am I rambling on about, anyway, Jack Elliott??? Too many drugs again, Aunt Arky. Too much anarchy again, droogie. Keep pushing them peyote buttons. Keep on truckin'. Keep on chooglin'. Play 'Misty' for for me. Are you feeling lucky, punk?


Next to last sentence...delete 1 4, either 1 (either 4) decide.
The Mind Editor

emmett said...

keep on keepin' on

wv: barde

Anonymous said...

That picture above: "A knife, a fork.....", that's Dillinger, aint it? Any brave covers for that too? Bitching blog action is better than the great dull silence of
indifference - I suppose...... ?
We're all angry here.
Still Anonymous

ib said...

The conundrum. What impels to some unfortunate soul to fritter away their energies in such a negative fashion in the first instance ?

"The force is weak in you, Skywalker; proceed directly to farce."

ib said...

Dillinger. Absolutely, Still Anonymous.

Eat the rich.

Nazz Nomad said...

the only time i got any good hate mail was when i made fun of the band Phish. It was too easy, it was sorta like shooting, well, fish in a barrel.

kill em all and let satan sort em out

Anto said...

While Ib is still taking the deep breaths and practicing his yogas, I thought I might take the opportunity to ask y'all if yis had any thoughts about a visit to London - where to go, where to stay etc? Hope you don't mind the bumrush Ib but a slight aside might be just the thing.

As a 40th b-day present the wife has asked would I fancy a trip to London for a weekend of fooding out, bit of culture and maybe a gig. The last time I was there, 10 yrs back, I found myself in bars surrounded by the types that write the sleeve notes on packs of innocent smoothies, folks I would sooner headbutt under a passing tube. [Every city has a 'type' now eh? Dublins is an upper middle class blonde with huge sunglasses - one of them, a Sile Ni somethingorother, recently was in the news recently when she was kidnapped while away on aid work in africa. When she was released and asked by the press corp what she had missed most in her 50 day ordeal she said, eggs benidict!! they should have killed the cunt I mused when i heard this. i likes eggs benedict as much as the next fat bastard but for fucks sake. God be with the days when all we had was a cup of scald and bread and dripping].

Sorry, anyways, just wondered if any of your fellow travellers have thoughts/recommendations etc on a trip to that London.

BTW, it hasn't all changed in ireland, have a look at this:

Apoligies again for taking up space here Ib. But hell I trust you guys. Apart from that anon bollox.

ib said...

No worries, Anto.

Of course. I will have to forgo dishing out any advice, rube that I am. The last time I visited 'The Big Smoke' I stayed in a 'Youth Hostel' in Chelsea. I have no idea what the cut-off point might be, but under 25 I expect. At least.

That was something close to three decades ago.

I've worked down in Essex since then. But that hardly counts.

ib said...


Hate mail is fine and well. I could not give a fuck, in fact. Let them divide up the Phish.

It's the faint whiff of Mark Chapman I find rather off putting. The shrill righteous tone of the clinically deranged.

Anonymous said...

We are dealing with very serious and crucial times, as Mr. Brown himself put it. Somebody need help. If only a fraction of this lunatics went out and did more than write off their frustrations ………….
It is what it is.

Mind Power modernized and regrooved:

Deal with it! Hit Me!

Favorite Dillinger album: Talkin' Blues. Sounds harder than the rest - no novelty hits like C in My Brain - every song has a dubby tail attached to it.
Just the way Still Anonymous likes it!

ib said...

"Deal With It". Yes.

And thanks for the pointer to "Talkin' Blues", Still Anonymous. A Bunny Lee production I have not heard.

Anonymous said...

"Talkin' Blues" may also be found as Ranking Dillinger's "Non Stop Disco Style" out there in blogspot land. SA

ib said...

Yes. And "Superstar" on Weed Beat. Thanks, SA.