Monday, February 1, 2010

paperbag writer

a stench of torment rose beguiling.

THE BEATLES: PAPERBACK WRITER from "Paperback Writer b/w Rain" 45 (Parlophone) 1966 (UK)


@eloh said...

This set my son off in a day of hogging the headphones.


I was never much of a Beatles fan but they did put out some classics, I count this as one of them.

ib said...

Clearly, your son is a man of good taste.

I can't imagine a world where The Beatles never existed, or a songwriting 'partnership' which rang in so many changes in such a short span of time.

Anonymous said...


popped back in after a long absence and ... we know you dish up some very fine tunes and writing indeed ... but I just had to chime in and say - you give great grafix too! style man ... style! respect!

hope you're keeping warm up there in the northern half of the world ...

mr.K & radioShirl

ib said...

Thanks, Mr. K.

Idle thumbs will doodle.

It was actively snowing again this morning, funnily enough. Lying for a while and melting on my head like icing sugar on a christmas pudding when I nipped out for a packet of smokes.

I thought to burn off some calories on a sun dance, but out it finally crept regardless.

Brushback said...

I fucking hate The Beatles. This song's OK, though.

ib said...

See. That's the thing.

When I read the first line I actually laughed in an "Oh! That Brushback!" kind of way.

Are you serious ?? I genuinely find it hard to concede that there still exists remote pockets untouched by civilization where the natives remain undelivered.

It's not too late to be Saved, y'know.

A plastic wig and an ounce of tea and you'll be fine.

anto said...

i hold no stock with negativity toward the beatles. one fuckin thing the last 50 yrs kicked up that can hold a torch to the concept of genius. i'm druunk as i type this and mildily irate. the beatles rule

Brushback said...

Well, you know, when I was growing up, everything was Beatles, Beatles, Beatles. Kinda easy to dislike the music that your dad likes.

Then, just as I get old enough to make my own choices via the radio dial, friggin' Wings are all over the place. That's enough to make you want to never hear McCartney's voice again.

ib said...

Fair enough, compadre.

Fortunately, My own dad was more of a Buddy Holly freak. And that's just the good part. Me, I got most of my early Beatles via my mum's younger brother. He was only a decade older than me, so more like an elder sibling really in generation terms.

Genuinely. I don't think there is a Beatles' release I haven't enjoyed at one point or another. And revisited on countless occasions.

As for McCartney's post Beatles output... Did I mention I rather like Wings ? Well. More than I did at the time. Ha! Don't provoke me. For all his coquettish mugging, he could belt it out harder than most.

For every "Long and Winding Road" - which I detest - there was a "Helter Skelter". And for all the cocaine sequined extraveganza of Wings Over America, I remain quite fond of "Jet" and "Band On The Run".

Class. It would be churlish to deny it.

He should have stuck to Lennon's guns, though. Sir Paul ? Sir Pale.

Empire Hancock said...

I've always loved the Beatles. I'm glad the remasters of their catalog coming along late last year gave me a more than good excuse to really immerse myself in their work. I can easily say I love them now more than I have at any time since I was a child.

"Paperback Writer" is such a fucking good song! What else can I say. I am heavily in lust with the mono mix of the song. The introduction of the drums and that killer guitar lick just kicks you right in the face.

ib said...

Absolutely. It is kick ass in every sense, EH. Some kind of refinement.

I have not really looked into the 2009 remasters in any great detail, though what I have heard sounds like a real improvement in some parts, and in others less so.

In many instances, the original mastering was so far ahead of its time that is difficult to improve on.