Wednesday, February 17, 2010

colour as our keyboard

detail from "farbstudie quadrate" by wassily kandinsky, oil on canvas.

Take #3, 
Recorded 14th July 1970, Abbey Road Studios.
Syd Barrett: guitar, vocals;
David Gilmour: bass; drums.
Richard Wright: organ, piano, harmonium.

Engineered by Peter Brown.
Produced by David Gilmour and Richard Wright.

Because life is duller without a little Syd.
SYD BARRETT: DOMINOES from "Barrett" LP (EMI Harvest) 1970 (UK)

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ib said...

Well. If you alighted here hoping to click on some of those Kandinsky colour notes in exchange for a musical tone or two you will of course be disappointed.

Would be nice if I could have sequenced it to play the opening bar of "Dominoes" but I don't run to Flash interactives. All that shit is sadly beyond me.

Which means you will have to make do with Syd in the raw. A subject on which I have written more than enough previously.

With some Eskimo in the raw as eye candy.