Tuesday, February 16, 2010

the dub that would not die

#LPIR 0001.

"an i far an i... a toot' far a tooth..."

Resurrected. From the excellent Trojan 2007 remasters, originally mentioned here; issued on the twin CD, "
Ape-Ology". To what extent Scratch utilized the engineering skills of Osbourne Ruddock or Jammy on this is subject to dub-ate.

King Tubby would revisit Super Ape on "A Noisy Place" on his Home Town Hi-Fi.

THE UPSETTERS: RETURN OF THE SUPER APE from "Return Of The Super Ape" LP (Lion of Judah / Upsetter) 1977 (Jamaica)


Big Ed Dunkel said...

Thanks, good stuff. Lee Perry's music is like that weird guy you hang with once a year. Always kinda of a quiet, intense thing.

ib said...

You are welcome, Big Ed.

Interesting way of putting it. Lee, as you say, is kind of heavy. An anarchic conjurer, especially on that older Black Ark stuff.

Appreciate your comment.