Wednesday, February 17, 2010

excerpts from the ghost train


You might recall sly stooping, a little
frozen rancour on the turnstile.
A ladybird caught in the corner
of my mouth, pubic hairs
between my teeth. Snowballs.

Slipping in front of a House of Cards.


And then there was the barker
belching, tempting good grace.
The taint of cockles and
whelks, snails on the puckered lip
of a lurid painted precipice.

A wall of sudden death.


Of course, that is the wicked thing
about detours. Shortcomings.
Often there is just dereliction in
addressing the germ of things.


And again. The old lady in the sideshow
was only so much of a charlatan
as demand allows. Fair game for change.
A pastry in a blonde wig on a Saturday.

Black and Tan. Ill.

Stiff as a motherfucking board.


Rusting zippers and jammy fortune,
fair to middling.
The running soft to firm.
Long gone now, I expect.
A faltered scam laid out flat on the slab.
Or spirited away in a puff of smoke;
There is magic in a gypsy funeral.


A halogen lamp on a stairwell. A bike
of wasps travelling in circus formation.
The unstung heckler at the back of the tent.
A collapsed lung. A handkerchief waiving.

Hammer and tong on a bed of nails.

illustration by ib.



Had to copy this down before you started self-editing.
Perfect just as is.

ib said...

I hope you mean cut and paste and not pen to paper; for the first time in a long time I took the trouble to edit it before I hit the publish button. The first draft to this was overlong and unwieldy. For this blog, at least. I've resisted the temptation to put any 'poetry' up for a while. I don't know why, especially, but when it's out there I think there's too much of it. And when I haven't made the effort I get itchy and more miserable than usual.

In a real sense they are excerpts, or instalments, from a bigger purse.
It reads much better, I think, chipped at a little.

Anyhow. Thank you for the feedback on this, brother NØ. I'm pleased you enjoyed it.

Sometimes when you get no comments at all it's too easy to take it personally. Like, if enough people ignore it, maybe it will just go away. What the fuck. My skin is thick enough.


Comments are like flies. The biggest pile of shit attracts the most.

ib said...

You may just have a valid point there.