Friday, April 16, 2010

archived radiation

PERE UBU: CHINESE RADIATION from "The Modern Dance" LP (Blank) 1978 (US)
PERE UBU: SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY from "The Modern Dance" LP (Blank) 1978 (US)



RossK said...

Responded to your tortured screed on the declining state of the polity over at my place.

Me thinks you all may need some serious help.



ib said...

Oh, we've been walking wounded for so long now, I can no longer remember precisely when the gangrene set in.

The Sachs Goldman sting, too, was a long time coming. For close to a decade I managed to scrape by without even a bank account. I went to ground, then, and I was onlyy just getting used to walking through the revolving doors once more when the shit hit the fan.

I fear a much needed new housing program will never proceed past the demolition of decrepit existing stock.

Fuck the boom years. From my side of the fence it never amounted to more than a house of cards.

RossK said...

....I can no longer remember precisely when the gangrene set in....

Perhaps the greening of the gangs started in earnest when that genius woman behind the AbFab thing started nattering on about the faux Calvinism of New Labour and no one laughed.

Or even snorted.


ib said...

It would appear nobody is peddling red roses this time around. All the petals got pulled off playing "she loves me; she loves me not".