Tuesday, April 27, 2010

party political broadcast


Robaz said...

this you, is it? bloody hell you are fried - turned into the counter-cultural cul-de-sac and couldn't reverse. hold up no, it's zero mostel. apologies for the rash judgement. no doubt you're a handsome fucker (with perhaps one bukowski too many on the shelf).

cheers for the carl harvey, mind.

ib said...

Feigning ignorance, Robaz ? Ha. You don't fool me.

The sleeve for Eddie & The Hot Rods' 1977 chart meddler lends itself very well to a two fingered critique of party electioneering.

Now you mention it, Aleister Crowley morphs not only into Tony Hancock but Zero Mostel too. "Do Anything You Wanna Do". Be the whole of the law.

As for me, fried I still am. Or just as probably in toxic shock from the prozac withdrawl; "handsome fucker will do nicely, and I do have at least one too many Bukowskis spilling off my shelf.

Last of the late night ravers.

With the brown, yellow and blue zipping over the green baize with increasing agitation, as usual it has all blurred to grey. Not a red in sight.

MikeB in NYC said...

Better gray than black, in any event. And the Wizard's visage puts me in mind of the original (TV) Uncle Fester from The Addams Family. Just as malevolent, perhaps, but a bit more playful...here's to normalcy, whatever that is...

ib said...

Uncle Fester, definitely; Jackie Coogan, but I had to google that one, I freely admit.

Jackie Coogan had the look of the politician about him, I feel. Then again, so did Sonny Bono. And he was a dead ringer for Gomez.

In the countdown to this coming election, the desperados runing for a clear majority have all the authenticity of a recycled comic book.




At least Labour candidate, Manish Sood had the balls to air very publicly what some dare not say out of deference to political correctness. Even though the finer detail spewed forth in an uncontrolled tirade, and the gist of it is 13 years too late.

As things sink to an inescapable nadir, it is suggested we make do with tactical voting once again.

Well. Grey is the not so new black.

the saucer people said...

M(ag)icky Mouse ;)

Coolasfuck graphic, makes Unkle Al look almost cuddly.

ib said...

Al might have bem an arch bastard - more evil in a predatory sense than pracktised in magick - but his benignly eccentric countenance probably did him more favours than he cared to admit.

There is even one famous portrait of him where he resembles a tongue lolling Tony Benn; you will know the one I mean.

More of a vote puller than Screaming Lord Sutch.

Back to Mr. Benn, for a mo'. Much as I enjoyed the tv show, there was always something unsavoury about his quick changes in the costume shop. And the shaved head hintings of its proprietor.