Saturday, April 3, 2010

big star, cotton crisp

Born on a cotton farm in Crisp, Texas in February 1914, Ernest Dale Tubb is perhaps best remembered for his 1941 honky tonk lament, "Walking the Floor Over You". The first country artist to cover the Hayes and Wilson standard, "Blue Christmas" - nine years before the pouting Elvis Aaron Presley dressed it up in festive lights - Tubb was not the kind of man to idly nurse a grievance.

In 1957, under the influence and in possession of a firearm, he allegedly wandered into the lobby of the National Life building in Nashville, Tennessee and discharged a .357 Magnum in the direction of record producer, Jim Denny.

Looking to score a hit, the Texan was so fucked up he fired off a bullet at the wrong man entirely. And missed. Chalking up a rap for public drunkeness and narrowly avoiding serious jail time.

Fast forward a farther seven years.

In 1965, Tubb was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Like flies on sherbet.

ALEX CHILTON: WALTZ ACROSS TEXAS from "Like Flies On Sherbert" LP (Peabody Records) 1979 (US)

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