Monday, April 5, 2010

juxtapollution has spokane

1967 volkswagan bug.

Troy Holder, custodian of Juxtapollution has been enviably busy of late. Working on his full length debut release and producing ambient sounds for "an upcoming web series": Sockamamy.

Troy first posted samples on his site at the turn of the year, and what I heard up there toasted my socks when the temperature outside was at its fiercest low. Ten below zero and refusing to climb.

Snowflake and fractal.

Allow me to pause and recall watching my breath plume indoors January last. The windows were all frozen shut and the midday sun was distempered.

As failing a star as plant life might withstand.

So. The sounds of Juxtapollution are spare and concise. Cyclic. And maybe brimming with the kind of energized resistance which causes new shoots to press through the cracks of a plasterboard skin.

Troy remains characteristically modest.

The plan, currently, is a limited 100 CD release to support a potential 7" vinyl issue. You have been forearmed. Deploy your defense strategy while you still have a chance.

Juxtapollution has Spokane.

JUXTAPOLLUTION: SONG FOR CHARLES from "Juxtapollution" CD (Juxtapollution) 2010 (US)
JUXTAPOLLUTION: LET'S GO HAVE LOTS OF FUN from "Juxtapollution" CD (Juxtapollution) 2010 (US)



Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Great photo of Buk. Best I have ever seen. The sort of photo that would lend itself handsomely to the brush.

ib said...

Beer, glad you like it. It is an amazing picture and one of the few colour representations of Buk I have in published form.

I have no idea whether Juxtapollution's "Song For Charles" has anything vaguely to with beetling between race-track and post office, but it seemed fitting.

There is a companion photograph - in black and white - in which Bukowski can be seen fiddling with his father's iron cross. A oddly Sam Peckinpah moment.

Troy Holder said...

Hey ib, thanks again for reviewing my music AND for hosting two of my songs!!!!

Once I finish my album and set up the website, anyone who joins my mailing list will be able to get a free digital copy of my album. Look for coming soon!

p.s. Bukowski IS one of my heroes, but I actually got inspired to make "Song for Charles" after seeing the trailer to "High Powered Mutant", a documentary about my friend Charles "The Bizarre Alien."

ib said...

You're very welcome, Troy. Thanks for allowing me to post your stuff up here.

I've been playing both songs with alarming regularity.

Keep me informed on upcoming developments, and thanks for the tip on Charles Styles; I need to look into the hole in the head which is "High Powered Mutant".

Soon as is up and runing, I'll link to it.