Tuesday, April 20, 2010

bang the drum

the circus comes to toy town.

From the subsidiary imprint of Don Robey's Peacock Records, operating out of Houston, Texas from 1949 until 1974.

Every time Brown tries to get down with the people - in making a quip about competing for votes with the X-Factor - it makes me wince. 

The whole discomfitting charade reminds me of Richard Milhous Nixon's passing resemblance to Ed Sullivan.

Still. Things can indeed get worse. Witness Mr. Blue's excruciating collaboration with one Gary Barlow.

LITTLE CARL CARLTON: COMPETITION AIN'T NOTHIN' from "Competition Ain't Nothin' b/w Three Way Love" 45 (Back Beat) 1968 (US)


ib said...

If you happened to read this before I amended the song credit, apologies for my reference to Little Carl as Compton.

I must have been dreaming about NWA's involvement in the Trumpton Riots.

Ramone666 said...

Sweet song, cheers.

anto said...


re your comment on my comment - you would have to say that stoic indifference to all of this is probably a reasonable reaction to it. its the Gealic blood that has you and i ranting. i watched paxman et al last night discussing the lib dem factor. even the quality of punditry has slipped.

anto said...

another thing (and apoligies for some of the spelling, chubby fingers)i saw the late night friday chin rubbers on BBC2 discuss brit politics/art the other night and wisely it waspointed out that new labours legacy would be lifestyle improvemnet shows of the how clean are your bowls/supernanny type. again, shocking how it has sunk to that.
i have spent the last three days with a chronic gastrobug and have been literally vomitting thru' my bum. the only thing thats given me a moment of mirth was watching frankie boyle live the other night.
sorry, i'm bored, i can't read cause i have the head staggers from malnutrition.

Bobby Sands

ib said...

Cheers, Ramone666. It's a bit of a Northern Soul anthem. Or was, once upon a time.


Yes. Indifference is a typical response. I missed Paxman last night. By that time my brain was addled and everything washed over me like so much background noise.

Supernanny sums up the New Labour legacy rather well. Fucking dismal.

What has thrown this election into sharp relief for me is the contrast between the apathy greeting it and the agitated buzz of the US Presidential campaigning of 2008.

Now. I fully realize that Obama's assuming office was of huge historic signifance.

And I realize too that the UK's role in world politics is a minor one. Except when it comes to waging wars.

But. Given that Brown - like Jack McConnell - slipped into power by default, I am often unable to contain my ire. An awful lot of people seem bogged down still in Blairite theatrics. And a lot of celebrities seem to believe still that pledging allegiance to New Labour is akin to voting for Kier Hardie.


Sorry to hear about the gastric plague, incidentally. But explosive diarrhea is the only appropriate reaction to an interrupted diet of processed gloop.

I watched Frankie Boyle the other night too. The man does a star turn, alright. Straight to the bone in the face of politically correct fannying about.