Sunday, April 11, 2010

jackie wilson says: higher and higher

A good time is not inevitably the end result of imbibing a surfeit of Jack Daniel's.

Unless you are secured in the company of brothers Traynor and sundry Nashville wild things. Guided by unwatered spirit; in pursuit of levitation.

A higher plane.

For suitably dishevelled 'remasters' of The Misfits and the Big Bopper, in addition to this exultant toast to Motor City's Jackie Wilson, proceed directly to their band camp in the sky. Let the sun rain on in.
MAX AND THE WILD THINGS: HIGHER AND HIGHER from "Music We Wish We Wrote: Vol. 1" EP (WT1979) 2010 (US)


Your driver said...

Sounds like a very drunk Bob Dylan, circa Highway 61, singing karaoke. I like it.

ib said...

Hey, Jon. Good to hear from you.

It does have a decidedly karaoke flavour to it. I was listening to the backing singers and wondering where the Traynor Bros. got them from. It even occurred to me that the very inebriated Wild Things may be playing directly on top of a backing track.


I like it a lot too.