Tuesday, April 13, 2010

communiqué #26: hard of hearing

Friends. Roamings. Siblings.

While I am inclined to believe the recent dearth of commentary might just as readily be a symptom of sheer tedium - that interest has waned, as it inevitably must - I have been alerted from a distant quarter that certain comments were not registering as expected.

That there may, in fact, be an issue with Blogger.

One more for the scrapbook.

Now. Deride me as cynical, if you will - or merely desperate in listening out for the scrapings of dung beetles - but I am a firm believer in emperical evidence. So. Seeking to put an end to said speculation, I entered a comment of my own (administrative) making and - lo! - my words were immediately lost to the ether.

Admittedly, a second attempt half an hour or so later achieved the desired result, but it may be that the interface is indeed exhibiting some kind of erratic glitch. That, or you are all off beating your meat elsewhere as I originally assumed.

Should your pearls have fallen on swine, please accept my condolences.

illustration by ib


Holly said...

Ground control to Major Tom ...

ib said...

Hey, Holly. Thanks.

Receiving loud and clear. The tin can was echoing a bit there, the rivets were working loose on the hull, but it's good to know the umbilical chord remains grounded in substance.

It would appear Brother Blogger is not necessarily the mad scientist I feared...

Your driver said...

Hey Ib, I've been off the internet because I've been out and about in the world. I needed to work hard at my internet presence when I was working 65 hours a week. It was my only contact with like minded people. Now I'm out and about in the world and i am, frankly, not as lonesome.
Also, I hate to say it, people will only respond to music that has some element of the familiar. I'm still surprised at some of the gems I posted that no one listened to- no downloads, no sample plays, nothing. All I have to do is allude to my Detroit street cred (long since disappeared) and post some proto punk chestnut and my hit count and comments go way up.
Nonetheless, I still consider you a friend, still read your posts and, if the music you are sharing seems interesting, listen to the songs. Hell, I might get it together to mail your wedding gift.

ib said...

Yes. Funnily enough, I got 'lost' in the real world myself of late. It was a chore to keep the online wheel turning.

When I got back into it everything was quiet as a ghost town, which was - as I more than implied - why I assumed a lot of other folks had shit on the go too.

Mind you. The glitch I mentioned was not a fabrication. Blogger has, as you are well aware, a mind of its own at times. And. It's been a long while since I relied on play counts alone as an indicator of alighting traffic. As it happens, the play counts are healthy; but then, the music is not necessarily the whole agenda, if agenda there is.

Just curious, as they say.

Who gives a fuck whether it killed the cat or not.