Thursday, May 28, 2015

just say who

The version featured appears on Heavenly's 2001 compilation, "Social Classics Volume 2 • Dread Meets Punk Rockers Downtown" - as selected by Don Letts - and carries an extended intro differing from Culture Press's 1999 issue, "The Killer • 1975-1977".  
     A version I heard purporting to be the original Prophets' pressing appears identical in arrangement to Bunny Lee's definitive production, but I am unable to vouch for its provenance. I digress. An outstanding DJ classic, however it tumbles your way.

strictly rockers

JAH STITCH: BLACK HARMONY KILLER from "Strictly Rockers b/w Version King Tubby's Special" 7" 45 Prophets (NONE) (JA) 1976 • "Black Harmony Killer b/w Natty on Top" 7" 45 Third World (TW 73) (JA/UK) 1977

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