Monday, May 18, 2015

black ark vs joe gibbs

Perry's rather wonderful acrimonious parting shot to Joe Gibbs. Segueing here into Alcapone's overdub, itself issued three years later, back to back with Winston Wright's "Doctor Upsetter" on Pressure Beat. Perry dissolved his association with Amalgamated Records to establish his own (Upsetter) label in 1968. Exit Scratch, enter Winston "Niney The Observer" Holness at the dials.
LEE PERRY • DENNIS ALCAPONE: THE UPSETTER • UPSETTER VERSION 7" 45 Amalgamated Records (AMG 808) (JA) 1968 • Pressure Beat (NONE) (JA) 1971



Now who's posting up some righteous Dub? Thanks so much for these (this & the above three). We musta been channeling something here cuz I was just rounding up some Niney The Observer (Niney presents Dub [with the Soul Syndicate]). Whatcha think?

ib said...

Serendipity, indeed. I came across a twin CD anthology of Niney's historic roots output for Gibbs, but I think I may delve a little deeper into the crates just yet. Maybe dust off a little Bunny Lee.

Of course, it was your own festival of dubs which nudged me in the first instance to unearth some more tubby and associates here on the bleachers. Drill down, at least, into the welter of material swimming around on my hard drive and out into the ether.


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