Wednesday, May 20, 2015

the roar behind the king

Recorded at Channel One, Kingston, Jamaica. Edited by Brad Osbourne and Douglas Levy at Bullwackie Studio. All rhythm tracks by Bunny Lee and the Ag[g]rovators (credited here individually). Mixed in the raw, the mellow, at 
King Tubby's and Joe Gibbs Recording Studio, Kingston, Jamaica. Mighty.
queued up at channel one

BUNNY LEE: KING ZION DUB from "King Of Dub" LP Clock Tower (CTLP 0101) 1978
BUNNY LEE: FANCY UP A DUB from "King Of Dub" LP Clock Tower (CTLP 0101) 1978


Ramone666 said...

Bought this one because of the cover alone back in the days. Great stuff.

ib said...

The cover alone is enough to entice anyone to part with some coin. Took some liberties with it here - overdubbing it - but the picture still holds.

Ramone666 said...

Rasta kitsch never goes out of style.


I love that Ramone666 (by thecway, a totally awesome name & number) has Keith Hudson Pick a Dub as avatar. Jah love.