Sunday, January 31, 2010

cross town traffic #2 & 3

Written by Chris Wood, Dave Mason, Jim Capaldi and Stevie Winwood.
Produced by Jimmy Miller.
Recorded At Olympic Sound Studios, London.

The slightly truncated, original 45 version in fabulous, vintage livery mono.

By the time the debut LP, "Mr. Fantasy" was released - sans this single and its follow-up, "Hole in my Shoe" - in December of 1967, Dave Mason had already exited the van as it stalled at the first set of lights under the weight of petty acrimony and contravening direction. Two way traffic. Mason would rejoin the group at the next service station just in time for their second serving, "Traffic".

TRAFFIC: PAPER SUN (MONO) from "Paper Sun b/w Giving It To You" 45 (Island / Fontana) 1967 (UK)

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ib said...

A reupload from earlier this afternoon following server issues and a missing intro.

The sun has long gone and the night is suitably baltic.