Friday, January 29, 2010

agitator in the house

not much cop at nuffink but stealin', bo.

Well. They could not police a tantrum in a kindergarten. But they are alarmingly proficient at robbing both tenant and taxpayer blind.

Produced by Lee Perry.
Written by Lee Perry and Junior Murvin.
Covered by The Clash.

JUNIOR MURVIN: POLICE AND THIEVES from "Police And Thieves" LP (Upsetter) 1977 (Jamaica)


ib said...

Of course.

Being the small minded petty fuck that I am, news of Tony Blair's facing an enquiry here in UK today regarding the legitimacy of Britain's role in going to war with Iraq plays second fiddle to my continuing grievance with the GHA; the Glasgow Housing Association.

Yes, sir. If the bombs ain't going off directly outside my window, I just don't fucking give a damn.

ib said...

Mind you. Not that I am a fan of the Blair Bush Project, but if we all had to wait while the fucking UN finished their hectic schedule of banquets it would be raining blood all year round.

Just like in Rwanda.

@eloh said...

For Gods sake ib...are you having a conversation with yourself?

I don't know squat about the GHA...I'll take your word for it that they are a bunch of pricks.

The Blair-Bush Project...I have to trust that there are things known only in the inner workings of government. So far, with the big "O" in charge, not much has there must be something. He made it a pretty big deal that as soon as he was elected we would get out of there.

My guess is we are being set up for Marshal Law. That's just my brand of crazy.

ib said...

Yep, that's me. Banging on to an empty room.

For me, the ridiculous thing about yesterday's inquiry was the assumption on the part of some that Blair might be held accountable now that he is no longer holds office.

Just wishful thinking or the pretext for a public lynching ?

Apparently that is more palatable seeing Saddam swing.