Thursday, January 14, 2010

thaw. dub. ice and water

After the freeze comes the thaw. In fits and starts, pooling where the grit never reaches; freezing over again. Where the main arteries have been treated, blood moves unrestricted.

On the side roads, the threading veins, circulation stalls and can't get started. So much chilly water. Black ice. Wet snow.

Crawling under the floe. Mapping. Indexing dark orchards and corals. Vines.
Mixed at King Tubby's
Home Town Hi-Fi, Kingston.

KING TUBBY: WATER DUB from "Water Dub" CD (Lagoon) 1992 (Jamaica)


Ramone666 said...

Nice one. Any idea what´s the original?

ib said...

This one is tremendous, huh ? I tried hard to source the origingal but I'm not certain.

Could be the Upsetters' "No Water"; Scratch has a dub, too, "Water Pump"...

Mad professor also released - a much later, I would guess - "Dub, Like Water" on his 1985 "Commandments of Dub Part 5"; but this was seemingly recorded and mixed in London with Shaka All Stars providing backing.

I am hazarding a guess that the original would have been released about '74-'5.

"Water Pump" was released in '73. "No water" was also released by the Wailers.


I'll stick this comment here, although it has nothing really to do with this post.

First off, thanks for your observations over at NSS about Let's Rock Again. That movie was a real eye-opener (more correctly ear-opener) to me. I also never really got behind The you say, they just 'weren't the Clash' know, "the only band that matters", but they mattered to Joe & through the power of his humane grace coming across in this flick, I heard the band in an entirely new way. Now I've re-listened to all their stuff & I get it & them. They are really good & Joe is...quite simply Joe.

re: the Beefheart connection. I'm sure that Don was a mothafucka to work for/with, but also, what a privilege. Here's something you might like. John 'Drumbo' French re-unites fellow Magic Band alumni Bill Harkelroad (aka Zoot Horn Rollo), Mark Boston (aka Rockette Morton), Greg Davidson (aka Ella Guru), & John Thomas for this solo recording of all new compositions entitled City of Refuge.

& back to the dub, well, the fever is spreading. Jon from Underneathica has been following the events & after the Prince Far I Long Life link we have been communicating & he was wondering if I had Sly & Robbie Meet Bunny Lee at Dub Station. I hadn't listened to that particular cd for some years & did when I dug it out. Such great dub. "Liquidator Dub", "Looking in the Eyes of Dub", but especially "Satta Massa Dub"...critical. It's all here.

ib said...

Thanks, man. I HAD missed the CoR and Dub Station.


Grais, amigo.