Sunday, January 10, 2010

damned damned damned

Written by Bryan MacLean.
Produced by Arthur Lee and Bruce Botnik.
Arranged by David Angel and Bryan MacLean.

Arthur Lee: vocals, guitar;
Johnny Echols: lead guitar;
Bryan MacLean: rhythm guitar, lead vocals;

Ken Forssi: bass.

(Or. More accurately, the alternate 45 mix only available
on Rhino's expanded 2001 release of "Forever Changes".)

LOVE: ALONE AGAIN OR from "Alone Again Or b/w Bummer In The Summer" 45 (Elektra) 1967 (US)



Brushback said...

I've always found this song fascinating. It's perfect, yet it seems so out of place.

Mr.Devlin said...

This whole album is great huh.

and - The Damned did a version, wheres thaT?!!

ib said...

Well, Mr. Devlin. I was sorely tempted to post the Damned's version - from "Anything", but a big 45 hit in addition - but on reflection there is so little difference between the two I was (am) inclined to let the groove reside as is.

The return is in the song.

ib said...

Acually, Brushback. Having listened to it repeatedly - which is pretty much part of the joy of hosting a blog - I have come to the belated conclusion that Bryan was experiencing some kind of epiphany. Right here. Right fuckin' now.

That seems the most likely reason for it.

I am not an outwardly religious fuck. but it is the one explanation which holds water. Every chord is drenched in it.

Now. Arthur would never in a month of Sundays buy into that. Never. Ever.

I love Arthur. But on this occasion you just have to suspend judgment. Dub. Jah bless and all that shit.

Step aside, Arthur. I am prepared to buy it.